Simply Alert

An eye on your wifi

Everyone’s concerned

October 2017, there was panic in the world of cybersecurity. Media around the world relayed a crucial information for anyone using a wi-fi network. The security of WPA2 keys had been compromised. Researchers had discovered a security breach to recovering the password of your wireless network. Through this and other flaws, hackers have the ability to read the data exchanged between your device and your network but also to divert your connection. Facing this type of threat, we are all concerned. France and Europe decided to make cybersecurity, a major theme of the year 2018 so that on each territory, are made aware of this.

Cybersecurity in few numbers

8.4 billion

In 2017, 8.4 billion of connected devices were used all over the world

Le Monde Informatique

400 billions

Is the yearly damage in euros caused by cyber attacks worldwide

La Tribune

30 million

Currently, in France alone, there are over 30 million broadband subscribers.

Our solution

With an attractive design and easy to use, SimplyAlert is a connected object which detects and alerts users in the event of a threat to our wireless networks and the equipment connected to it. From now, you will be notified in case of:

•  New connections on your Wi-Fi
•  Attacks / Piracy.
•  Monitor inappropriate use of the network, such as access to sites with illegal content
•  Operating status of connected devices.
•  Provide information about devices using excessive amount of resources in the network (i.e. bandwidth monitoring)
• Provide information about the time when devices were connected to the network (Parental Control); amongst others.

The User Experience

From opening the box, the user is presented with an experience that focuses on its simplicity. Setting up Simply Alert is as simple as using our mobile app (iOS or Android) to input the credentials for the network, in a similar way to Google’s Chromecast. A set of default monitoring options is presented, but the user can choose the different functionalities he wants to use, such as detection of non-authorised devices, parental controls, amongst others. The device is now fully operational.

When all is operating as expected within the network, the device shows a pleasant, discrete green color. As soon as threats are detected, the colour will change according to the level of the threat. Users can also choose to be notified on their phones about new threats.Every threat detected is shown on the app and once selected, the user is presented with a straightforward explanation of the problem, suggestions on how to resolve the problem themselves and also the option to call a Simply Alert certified IT expert who can help to resolve the problem.
Once the threat is resolved, the device returns to its base state and pleasant colours


Everything began with the Start-Up Weekend of October 2017 in Marseille France, where four businessmen who knew little or nothing about each other, get together around the same desire: to create a business! 54 hours is the time it took for Jérôme, Bruno, Mehdi and Lucas to create and develop this unique and innovative idea, with the added bonus of being the winner at this Start-Up weekend. Today, Simply Alert is a start-up with huge potential.
Installed in the premises of Start-Up Marseille, the first hacker house in Marseille, a space dedicated to new technologies, prototypes were created, the team was enlarged with the arrival of two new people in charge of the communication and it is not the ideas that are missing to continue to evolve the project and power in the coming weeks, sell the product.

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